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In 2004, the San Diego Christmas Tree Recycling Program turned approximately 940 tons of Christmas Trees into valuable mulch and compost.
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City programs that collect Christmas Trees for mulching are common through the United States; the mulch is then often used for city beautification projects. In San Diego, however, the fertile mulch is offered free of charge to residents throughout the year.

The program, which has been offered since 1973, allows city residents to drop off their Real Christmas Trees at 18 locations thru-out San Diego, or they may leave their trees at the curb for collection. All trees are then recycled into high-quality mulch and compost, which is available to residents at the Miramar Greenery. "By recycling your Christmas Tree, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of material in the landfill and help the environment by giving your holiday tree a second life as compost, mulch or wood chips," explains Elmer L. Heap Jr., director of Environmental Services Department.

Lets face it we all need to do our part in this age of environmental awareness. It's important for you to know that the family holiday tradition of having a real Christmas tree in San Diego over an artificial tree is and always will be the healthier environmental choice.

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Bob Scott" President of the National Christmas Tree Association states "Consumers are showing their preference for real, natural products that are socially conscious. Many young families are attracted to the tradition of celebrating Christmas with a real tree in their home," explained Scott.

Christmas tree farms stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife while creating scenic green belts. Commonly, Often Christmas trees sold in San Diego are grown on soils that could not support food crops. Real Christmas trees are huge benefit to the atmosphere. Christmas trees like most trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gases, emitting fresh oxygen.

It is estimated that just two acre’s of Christmas trees can produce the daily oxygen requirement for 36 people. In the United States this American Made Product is grown on approximately a million acres, this equals enough oxygen for 18 million people every single day. Additionally that means a lot of jobs farmers and employees. These Employees working these Christmas trees farms generally plant three seedlings for every tree harvested. Buying a Real Christmas tree in San Diego is an all-American product and a 100% recyclable resource.

Artificial trees, most of which are manufactured in Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong & China they consist of plastics & polymers and metals that are not biodegradable. When disposed of, the artificial trees will never deteriorate. They simply generate more land fill problems. The process in manufacturing these trees even outside the United States effects can and does effect our environment as well.

Real Christmas Trees have a lot to offer In San Diego:

  • There are over 14,000 Christmas tree growers in the U.S., and approximately about 100,000 people employed full or part time in the industry. Choosing a Real Christmas Tree Ensures another Job is kept here and not shipped abroad
  • There are approximately 5,000 choose and cut farms in the U.S.
  • Depending on climate & area of farming it can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of 6 feet. However the average growing time in 7 years.
  • The top selling Christmas trees are: Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Scotch Pine, Virginia Pine and White Pine.

    If Its an Environmental Choice in San Diego it has to be a real Christmas Tree.

Consider these important facts...

Plastic trees and wreaths are made from nonrenewable petroleum.

REAL Christmas trees and wreaths do not harm our environment and our resources... they are produced as an agricultural crop. Each year Christmas tree growers replace cut trees with a new crop of seedlings.

Artificial trees cannot be recycled. When they are disposed of in a sanitary landfill, they will not disintegrate, but will remain there forever, taking up increasingly scarce landfill space..
San Diego is today faced with a critical shortage of sanitary land fill space. REAL trees are thus being used in various helpful ways when disposed of...such as ground-up mulch to replenish the soil, fish habitat and other useful methods. Thousands of San Diego County residents make the environmentally friendly choice to recycle their Christmas trees every year.

The former president of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, endorses Real Trees as the best environmental option for consumers.

The American Forests organization also supports the growth and use of Real Christmas Trees for many reasons.

If Its an Economical Choice in San Diego it has to be a real Christmas Tree.

Artificial trees are manufactured mainly outside of the United States.
We hear much today about our economy being faced with jobs being shipped offshore. Buying a real Christmas tree keeps American’s employed.

Thousands of jobs have are lost in the Christmas tree industry because continued sale and use of fake trees and wreaths.

So the Best reason to buy a Christmas tree in San Diego this Year, REAL CHRISTMAS TREES SMELL INCREDIBLE, are great for the environment, and are AN AMERICAN PRODUCT!